Friday, 13 January 2012

Miss Noel Knight Clips

I own your manhood
Let's face it, slave boy. That cock is mine. You only get to touch it when I say. So I think it's high time we make it offical, don't you? I'm going to lock that dick up in a tight little cock cage and keep you firmly under my control. Won't it be nice? Handing over total control of your sex life to me? After all, a slave is most devoted when you've got the keys to his kingdom - and you're are going right around my pretty neck. Get used to it salve boy, I own your manhood!

Beg for it
Look at me. Aren't I fucking beautiful? You want my tight, young body. You drool over my additive power over you.You need me so badly you'll do absolutely anything I say. Well, today, I'm going to play with your cock. I'm going to force you to tease and torment yourself, until you're cock and balls are so sensitive, you can barely keep from cumming. But you'd better hold it, boy, because you're not allowed to orgasm until you beg like you mean it. This is one very intese JOI clip!

You want my ass
See my lovely round ass? I know you want it. I know you long to wrong your little nose right into the crack and sniff it. I know you're just dying to shove that little mouth right against my hole and clean it. Well, it's you're lucky day, my little ass addict! I'm going to let you get a peek at what you want so badly. I'm showing off my perfect juicy ass in a sexy little thong and if you're very good, I might just bare all...

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